Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FNMA - Will the history Repeat?

FNMA - Has Finally HIT the BOOYA zone.

Check the Stockchart here

This has to be the breakout. Lets see.

Happens over and over again.  "Trade when it hits Overbought".

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What is ADX - PPO Pinch

To begin with we need to learn the basic of the indicators ADX and PPO,

ADX - Average Directional Index
Measures the strength of a trend. Thats it.

Eager to learn more about this like me visit:

PPO - Price Percent Oscillator
Measures the difference between two moving averages as a percentages of the larger moving average.
(Consider this as a zoooomed in version of MACD).

Lets get to the Pinch setup.

The Highlighted area is where the ADX PPO Pinch occurs. This just means that the moving averages are separated by the negative movement, (Moving averages separated by large % means the drop was quick) and the trend is strong.

Well, a word of caution, just because something falls rapidly, doesn't mean its gonna bounce, Bounce happens when ground is reached, This ground level is different for every ticker you play.

How to scan 'em using (use this argument on any scanner)

//General Scan Criteria
[type = stock] and 
[country = us] and 
[daily volume > 50000] and 
[daily close < 20] and

//ADX-PPO Criteria (using 13,21,8 - all fib numbers on PPO) (using 10 time period on ADX, representing 2 week)

[daily ppo line(13,21,8) <= -15] and 
[yesterday's daily ppo line(13,21,8) <= daily ppo line(13,21,8)] and [daily ppo line(13,21,8) <= 10 days ago daily ppo line(13.21.8)] and 
[daily adx line(10) >= 50] and 
[yesterday's daily adx line(10) >= daily adx line(10)] and [daily close > 1] 

Hope this helps traders.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

JCP - BOunce YA?

I am not adding any target or stop loss, I will follow trend lines.
Just no more negative news. PLS ;).

This will be a coin machine or bankruptcy.

Below is the chart published earlier.

KIOR - 3rd chance for entry

If viewed closer from longer term perspective, this is a perfect channel formation.
For a closer Look

Live Chart (published private)