Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Looking for some Craziness???

Here it is. The time to sell options premium.

Breakout - Digest - Breakout

Trend Violation - Slide - Reverse

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sometimes free Indicators, with a Price tag and special offer would sound cheap.

Remember this two words before you proceed to checkout. "ARE YOU?"

Firstly, I respect the guys and his research. I will pay them for the research and finding, if they are honest enough with their system. But they gave away the research for free. Hahaha!!!

Secondly, I don't like the fact they are selling something that's available for free.

While writing these points, The question Zack Galifianakis ask the other in Hangover 3 crosses my mind

"Why would Mr Chow do that?" ............... Getting back to the topic.

They can easily make money with fancy names and price tag from someone who is seeking help in trading education. Because our psychology prevents us from thinking twice when fancy names are constantly thrown at us, and the amount of profitable trades we see on those "cherry picked" videos.

Also we tend to think, when we pay for "xyz" we are getting something better. ARE YOU?

Remember you are not buying a trading system, with proven statistical edge. You are buying just an Indicator.

Following are few examples.............of those cool looking, awesome indicators.

Please check this out, Is there any difference?

Source Youtube, its a free video posted. Link

You have a squeeze with your "dynamic volatility unit", fantastic, look what I have, squeeze on Keltner Channel.

Hey look the pullback din't get out of the band, Guess what, KC did the same.

I was sharing this video with another trader, "He was intrigued by the fancy name (dynamic volatility unit)" After watching 4 hours of this video. He is a beginner trader.


Now, another comparison.

Is there a difference between the two bands? See for yourself.

Source Youtube, its a free video posted. Link

Now, another One.

Is there a difference between the two bands? I am tired, See for yourself.

Price gets out of Acceleration band - So does with Keltner Channel.

Source Youtube, its again a free video with some promotion to get this indicator for $100 offer - No thanks - Link

Now complete the question with ARE YOU "BUYING AN INDICATOR?"

I am not making up anything, All the proof you need is here.

This information is free - But if I wrap this up and add a price tag and cut the price down to half. It will be cheap for anyone to buy it!!!

Save yourself guys!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Custom Momentum Oscillator

Works great on a Strong Trending Stock.

Find the real oversold / overbought condition for bounce.

This is not a holy grail, but filters, there are times this will not work

Don't Take the signals during a Choppy Market.

For Beginners, What is a Strong Trend?

Is the 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 All Stacked on each other?

Is the Price chopping the EMAs too much?
More Importantly 35, 55, 89 EMA

Link to UCS_Oscillator -



QQQ - update

Take a quick look at the QQQs.

Undervalued (Oversold) region has always bounced.

Trend line resistance. This pullback reminds me of pullback (chops) during March. It held 89 EMA, before breaking during April.

The Question is Will this breakout above the trend line or break 89 EMA?

Let the future unfold.

Always position yourself based on RISK. When you position for RISK, you can leave the answer to future price action. If you take positions beyond what you can lose, you will spend more time looking at a chart. Will that change anything?

Market can take a plunge / breakout. No Matter how many hours one looks at a chart, the market does its own thing.

Link to TVI -

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Are you waiting to get in a trade?

Watch this two Episodes.

There are good information in this video. These videos can answer a lot of questions any trader can have. You need to filter what you need, vs whats told. So I will leave that part to you, only because the information I need is different from what others need.

Few Questions you can find answers in the video -

1. If you have what it takes to be a trader?
2. Are there any Personal Circumstances stopping you from trading?
3. Do you realize Losing money is part of the job?
4. Does your Emotion come in the way of Decision making?
5. Having Discipline with failing strategies?
6. Losing your money is bad enough, Failing with others Money is bad?
7. How did they Hedge against a position?