Sunday, September 14, 2014

When and What Option Strategies to Implement?

There are may ways to trade options, out right buying a call or put, naked selling call or put, using spreads. Then there are 100 different ways one can setup spreads, to get a credit or debit spread.

The question is do i need to know all spreads?
No, Knowing about all different kind of spreads is theoretical knowledge. But knowing what to use in certain market condition is trading knowledge / practical knowledge.

Anyway ...... Based on my experience, This is how I take trades.

If My Projection is extremely bullish (from certain setups) I buy calls and / or sell Bull put spread or Put credit spread. If extremely Bearish then vice versa.

If Neutral - Iron Condor.

If I know this will be a grinder (mostly I ignore, But will play this if I cant find any other).
           If Bull grind - call debit spread and / or put credit spread
           If Bear grind - put debit spread and / or call credit spread

Keep it simple and stupid.

You can also use low risk trade like Butterfly. Also can use a Broken wing butterfly, and manage the position to create a zero loss trade @ expiry. You can create a butterfly in many different ways. Traditional, Inverse, Iron Butterflies etc....

There are many different combinations, creating a net net Zero loss trades @ expiry. Provided your projection is correct. 

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